We Care School Fee Program

The We Care program is a school fee assistance program that allows students who are struggling financially to apply for a one-time grant to pay their school fees. This is then made payable to the school on their behalf.

Student Criteria:
A student may apply for one grant to relieve school debt
Such a student may apply personally or be nominated by the staff at STETHS
Students receiving funds from the We Care Program are not eligible for funding or scholarships from any other program managed by the association in the same academic year

Alumni contributions:
An alumnus may ask that funds contributed be paid directly to a particular student(s)
All contributions to the We Care Program will be distributed once the executive team or its designates makes a final decision
All payments to STETHS will be made bi-annually (September and January) unless the committee agrees that there are extenuating circumstances

Payment’s amount:
Any specified contribution by an alumnus to a particular student will be paid in full to STETHS at the time specified. (advanced notice is required to process a transaction)
All other funds distributed to qualified students will be made based on the We Care Committee discretion
Payments may be for the full amount requested or a partial amount, based on the available funds.

While every reasonable effort will be made to assist, the executive committee reserves the right to deny any request upon review and consultation with the school