John Pottinger Grant

The John A. Pottinger Scholarship Fund was established in honor of former principal John A. Pottinger in 1996 through the efforts of 1980 graduate Sonya Williams and friends. Subsequently, it was decided by the executive body of the STETHS Alumni Association USA (NY Chapter) to make an annual grant instead of giving a multi-year scholarship award.

This year the St. Elizabeth Technical High School Alumni Association (USA) Inc will award a sum of US$3,000.00 to be split between six students.

Each grant is for one year only and no award recipient may reapply in a subsequent year. The award is to be used to assist the recipient with expenses during tenure at St. Elizabeth Technical High School. Students of all grades excluding the first grade are eligible to apply for this grant. The recipient must be in good standing in terms of decorum and must have achieved at least 75% overall class grade in the previous school year

Each application should be accompanied by:

two letters of recommendation (one from a teacher and another from a non-relative resident of the community who knows you) indicating evidence of good character, academic achievement and/or service to the community;
the attached application sheet and completed questionnaire
An official copy of the applicant’s most current report.

The applicant must be attending the school at the time of application.
The application must be accompanied by a passport size photo of him or herself
The School’s Guidance Counselor must confirm the students’ financial need
Documents should be completed and forwarded to the principal no later than February 21, 2023.

The award winner will be notified on March 1st and will be expected to attend a presentation ceremony at a time and date to be decided by the school.

STETHS Alumni Association (USA) Inc reserves the right to change the amount of the award each year and may choose not to make an award at all if the executive committee so decides.

Send completed application to: [email protected]