STETHS 90s Unite Scholarship Fund

The STETHS 90s Unite Scholarship Fund was created simply from the thought process of; if we could get together to reconnect and have fun through social media, mainly WhatsApp. Why not give back some of our earnings to our Alma Mater in a ray of hope to help needy students? The inception of the scholarship was in August 2022. The Scholarship is awarded to students who are in need and have met the criteria.

The Criteria:
1)The students must have attended STETHS for at least one year (8th – 10th grades).
2) Students must have an average of 63.0 or higher to qualify. Any student can receive funding more than once.
3) The students must have a need for the scholarship and possess admirable behavioral skills.
4) Students should be involved in some kind of extracurricular activity, but not a necessity to receive the scholarship.

Send the completed application to: [email protected]