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•   Carol Dorman (Gore) (1989)  10/20
•   Belinda Haughton (Haughton) (1990)  10/20
•   Audrey Brown (1980)  10/17
•   Mark Williams (1993)  10/16
•   Julie Jackson (Cooper) (1990)  10/14
•   Lincoln Allen (1987)  10/14
•   Karen Howden (James) (1989)  10/14
•   Cecil D (Wright) (1990)  10/14
•   Jacqueline Spooner (Dingwall) (1981)  8/9
•   Fragano Ledgister (1973)  7/31
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St. Elizabeth Technical High School
STETHS Classes Of 1961 - 2020
By STETHS 60th (2021) I would like to start a "Benevolent Fund" or other which will help students in need etc. Your thoughts are invited. The logistics/management of such funds will be ironed out in time. Blessings. Lyle Young -- Batch of'72.E-Mail add: Let's start a conversation please.Thanks.

(Home page last updated June 21, 2020)

The 2020 Calendar of Events - on hold due to COVID-19

Message from the President

As we enter the twelfth week of lockdown in the US, my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19. We do not know what will happen next but our faith will keep us strong.

St. Elizabeth Technical High School Alumni Association (USA) Inc, FOUNDED FEBRUARY 29, 1996 - celebrating 24 years of Work and Integrity!!

Alumni Executive Committee 2018 -2020

President – Donovan Wilson,

Vice President - Zonia Watkins        

Treasurer - Carlene Simpson,

Assistant Treasurer - Sandra O'Sullivan   

Secretary - Maureen Hewitt,  

Assistant Secretary–Kaydeen Hazel-Cole

Public Relations Officer - Junior Thompson

STETHS Liaison Olive Grant-Hamm  


1. Give STETHANS a forum to express themselves

2. Give STETHSans a place to get news about STETHS and other STETHSans while helping STETHS and STETHSans in whatever way possible.


The gates of STETHS are open, symbolic of the kind hearts and kindred spirit of STETHSANS