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Welcome Message from President

Welcome to our newly redesigned alumni website. We are excited to give you several enhancements and ease of use features. Let us keep rising above the fray as we go through 2021.  To those who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 we are with you in spirit. We do not know what will happen next but our faith will keep us strong.

We have a new Executive Team in place.

If you have not paid your dues for 2020-2021 please do so quickly.

Work and Integrity!

-Donovan Wilson

STETHS History

The idea of building a Technical secondary school in Santa Cruz was initiated by the 'Santa Cruz Citizen's Association in 1958. Various pleas were made to the country's Ministry of Education, in addition to the Kaiser Bauxite Company. These authorities soon realized the importance of a technical, skill-based school. They later received a ten-thousand-pound grant from the Ministry and twelve acres of land from Kaiser Bauxite to start the project. The Minister of Education at the time, Hon. F. L. Glasspole, decided that St. Elizabeth Technical High School was to be built with an opening date set in early 1961. The first batch of students was chosen before the groundbreaking ceremony.

Before the school was built, E.G. Roper was appointed principal as of 1 January 1961. The school opened with 110 students on 10 October 1961, all housed in one building. Under the direction of Mr. Roper, a school choir and sports program were developed.....


Alumni Executive Board 2020 - 2022

Donovan Wilson -


Dr. Cecil Wright -

Vice President

Henry Rhoden -

Vice President

Nadine Whitehead-Linton -


Belinda Haughton -

Assistant Treasurer

Elaine Campbell-Murray -


Kaydeen Hazel-Coles -

Assistant Secretary

Junior Thompson -

Public Relation Officer

Olive Grant-Hamm -

STETHS Liaison

Zonia Watkins -



ANNUAL DUES ($40.00)

Pay your Annual Membership Dues here.


The award is to be used to assist the recipient with expenses during tenure at St. Elizabeth Technical High School.


The STETHS Alumni Association (USA) Inc executive committee voted to establish the S.U. Watson Grant on March 8, 2018 in honor of former principal Samuel Uriah Watson.