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04/06/20 09:14 AM #17438    


Wesley W Wright (1975)

Howdy everybody:

How yuh all doing? This is week 4 of Teleworking for us. I am finally settled in my new space after two failed tries. I also had to purchase a few items (2 USB KVM switches and two 28" monitors) to make things work well with our company-issued laptops.  My wife and I had 24" monitors and they were a bit small to handle some of the large spreadsheets and other large graphics that we view on our jobs. The USB KVM switches allows us to use one monitor one keyboard, and one mouse  to control two computers; our home computer and our work laptop. The KVM allows us to seamlessly jump from work computer to home computer and back.

Just about any USB KVM will work, but the low-end ones may not support the maximum resolutions of these newer monitors. I also bought the 4-ports switch that can handle up to 4 computers if needed. Wireless keyboard/mouse combos will work with this KVM too. If anybody needs more info on my setup please Inbox me. 

Computer retailers are reporting a large increase in the sales of computers and accessories such as webcams, monitors, headphones, keyboards etc. A lot of people abandoned their home PC for smartphones and tablets; but to Telework you need at least a decent monitor (with VGA/HDMI capability), keyboard and mouse to work at home comfortably.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to roar across the world and it appears that it will run its course in the USA and will kill thousands of people worldwide. The response by the US government has been dismal. I hope it will not spear the White House.

George: How things going down a Vere? Stay safe Boss.

04/06/20 09:53 AM #17439    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Wesley, my response to your question...see post 17430.

Not enough scientific peer reviewed research studies so for me de virus a move too stealthy fe mi hav opinion 1 way or odda except....the only info I have confidence in is...much is unknown.. an in dat space a hole heap a speculation from top to bottom..

Check dis:

Peter Navarro on his qualifications to disagree with Dr. Anthony Fauci on coronavirus treatments: 'I'm a social scientist'

04/06/20 10:37 AM #17440    


George Nelson (1989)

Peter P,

Thanks for the info. I am like a man in the dark cluching after straw when I try to figure out this virus. One thing I am sure about, this virus deal with everybody in different ways so mi a pray mi nuh get infected, my case could very well become a case study why I die so quickly or did not die. It is really scary if you ask me.


Mi deh yah still a trackle, mi ingine still a rev so mi a give God thanks. So far the health ministry is keeping a lid on the comminity spread. Corn Piece is still under quarantine (extended) and slowly but surely people a tan a dem yard day and night. Yesterday I heard my wife cried out "Mi tired a di confinement, a wen wi a go get a break from dis virus" I could not say a word to her. My 10 years old son is really the tech person in my house, he basically set up everything and teach us too. I am serious, when I have a challenge, I go to him, my wife too. I ask him what he would like to study in college he was quick off the bat. He said UTECH doing IT.


Big up yuh self.

04/06/20 11:12 AM #17441    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Good morning good people.

I have been so busy in the last two weeks it is unbelievable.

I missed a lot on the forum, I see my good learn collegue Peter P pop in for a visit...lolol

04/06/20 11:36 AM #17442    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Peter P

About a month ago or maybe more when I was taking to my daughter about Coronovirus, she said, dad Coronavirus is not that dagerous i learnt about that in med school a few years back. About 2 weeks ago she came back to me and said, dad this Coronavirus is mutated and she goes on into her medical lingo but from day 1 and she could be my witness I did told her that but since she has her medical degree I was not in a debate with her because my daughter is in the wrong field she should have been a lawyer...loolol..if you know what I mean...lolol...I wonder where she gets that from....lolol

Now a days everyone have their theories/opinions from the homeless man eating out of the garbage to scientist. So far the homeless man seems to have more answers because his immune system is stronger..:)

04/06/20 12:20 PM #17443    


George Nelson (1989)


You kno say yuh no easy dwl. Your daughter chat just like you dwl. Man you good, if you feel sick you can just make a phone call dwl. Good bless your daughter especially in these times.

Peter P,

Big up yuh self.

Unuh know say Soldgie deh pan mi mind.....Soldgie say something.

04/06/20 01:17 PM #17444    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Corona has sent us to school

BY Ava-Marie Reid and
Lucien Reid

Friday, April 03, 2020 1 comment

The year 2020 has only just begun and yet what a year it has been. As if the death of young basketball legend Kobe Bryant were not enough to shake us up, we had the biggest-ever recorded earthquake in Jamaica. We were shaken, physically and otherwise.

Then, how can we forget the Windrush blowout that saw mass repatriation of Jamaicans, many of whom have never lived a day in Jamaica or have any relatives currently residing in the country.

Oh, how could we forget Harry and Meghan, the royals' major exit.

Closer to home, we had the epic by-election in which the overture of boycotting by one major political party became a reality — that needs no reintroduction.

Just off the heels of those events came the dreadful coronavirus to our shores. Being a small-island developing state, the popular opinion was that this would lead to the end of Jamaica as we know it. Some of us might have planned in January and early February that as soon as the first case hit Jamaica I would buy five plane tickets and fly away to a country of safety and well-endowed with resources. Well, we all see where that headed. Resources now mean unity and compassion, not money or N95 masks.

The coronavirus has sent us to school so much so that many things we once thought to be norms are being reimagined. Many things we thought we needed are being lived without. And, many ideologies are being reinvented.

Let's look at some:

1) The idea that First World suggests mindfulness is false. We are seeing with our very eyes that a particular world leader is seemingly overthrowing his own country and plotting his own people's demise.

2) The thought that because the great USA is number 15 on the Human Development Index does not mean coronavirus will come like a thief and disappear without much notice. The converse is true, then, that because Jamaica is number 94 on that index does not mean we will falter; instead, it's possible that we will rise like “bajie kite”, even as incomparable, economically, as we are to the mighty USA.

3) The idea that school needs four walls to facilitate the proper educational process for our students is false. We all, young and old, rich and poor, have got to be inventing ways to carry on with “school”.

4) The thought that teachers are not essential workers has now been subject to rethinking and new narratives are being developed.

5) The idea that going to school simply to do eight subjects or earn a degree is being reimagined; after all, at the end of the tenure used for study purposes it may boil down to an school-based assessment and 60 multiple choice items — as in the case of current policy from the Caribbean Examinations Council.

In other words, school was always supposed to be about social skills, emotional intelligence, etiquette, discipline, and not just about “pass or fail”. Now we are forced to understand it.

6) The idea that politics or politicians are powerful is so weak. Given our current status, all Cabinet is concerned about now is flattening the numbers — not in the national budget, not the crime, but the cases of coronavirus.

I can't help but think how simple, powerless, and human we all are, regardless of status, colour, class, or creed, we all have to “tan a wi yaad” and wait on the coronavirus to “come thru, cut and gwaan”. This coronavirus has sent us to school; wherever our schools are.

Some very interesting voice notes have been making the rounds; if you have not heard them, then, as we say in Jamaica: Part of yuh life gone! Let's get serious, though, in some voice notes parents have been crying out about how they just cannot manage teaching their own children. For some, it's the content to be taught, yet for others it is managing the everyday matters. It is all really a learning process. And the coronavirus is not an easy-going teacher; we have to listen to it and get it together — and fast, or else.

In the long run, if we will fail this school — and be forced to contend with the reality of being a 'dropout' — our children will have major deficits.

One thing is sure, if ever a time I am happy to be in school, regardless of who or what has sent me, it is now. Particularly, I am happy to be in a Jamaican school: Eternal Father, bless our Land, guard us with thy mighty hand.


Ava-Marie Reid is a senior lecturer and research officer at Shortwood Teachers' College and Lucien Reid is vice-principal at Meadowbrook High School.


04/06/20 04:59 PM #17445    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

So people for some unknown reason I like numbers lolol and I decide to do my numbers again


Cases 687,204

Deaths 52,498


North America

USA 356,653

Deaths 10,516

Canada cases 16,498

Deaths 321


Cases 10,018

Deaths 474


Cases 2,736

Deaths 128

South and Central America

Cases 18,613

Deaths 564

Brazil casa 11,271

Deaths 516

Argentina cases 1,554

Deaths 48


Cases 6901

Deaths 41



China cases 81,708

Deaths 3331

Rest of Asia

Cases 99,962

Deaths 4678


19 African countries with cases and 0 deaths

Nigeria cases 232 and 5 deaths with a population of over 200 million peope

04/06/20 05:19 PM #17446    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


My daughter likes to agrue like her dad but the difference between me and her is that I know when to fold...lolol

I usually substantiate my points lolol

04/06/20 06:33 PM #17447    


Wesley W Wright (1975)


Thanks for the numbers again. When the dust settles we will see if they have the same trend. Africa does not need a lockdown, the have a natural lockout, lol.

04/06/20 08:04 PM #17448    


Radcliffe Walters (1984)



I am good so far. Doing what I am told to do or not to do. "Tan a yuh yard" is not easy for some people though, in the UK  and many other countries, not everyone has got that outside space around their place of dwelling , as many of us lives in high rise places. I am sure you can go sit underneath one of your trees, lol 

It is now spring in the UK, and many of the trees are full of pollen, which is a nightmare for many hayfever sufferers. The pollen causes many people to sneeze a lot, I only hope no one gets beat up for sneezing, as there are some seriously stupid people around. 

This Corona virus has turned the world upside down, and no doubt will leave an indelible impact on us all. I believe the last time the world was in any turmoil like this ,would have been World War 2 , only this time around there is no gun fire and bombs.  

Big up to Cuba who have deployed some of thier Doctors to Italy, Jamaica, Barbados to help in the fight against Corona. 

To your 10 year old son who would like to study IT, that is a very good choice, we now live in the Information Age, he will eat bread from that for sure. 


04/06/20 08:24 PM #17449    


Radcliffe Walters (1984)



Thanks for those Stats. Lets hope no one dont go experimenting with the Africans now, as some French Docs were discussing  

04/06/20 11:25 PM #17450    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Peter P,

I am not even a mad scientist...lololol much less a scientist....lolol

I started looking at the numbers closely and doing some analysis with the countries.

The article that you posted about COVID-19 sending us back to school is correct.

I never knew that the population of Nigeria was over 200 million people.

I never knew the population of Ethiopia was over 110 million people

I never knew that a country in Africa name Reunion

Numbers tells the truth depending on how you want to interpret the numbers.

I know some of those numbers are scary especially in Europe and North America.

It seems like the shit hole country as what the Donald called some of these coutries people immune system is putting up some resistance to the coronovirus.

There are many conspiracy theories which some are plausible, but the operative word there is conspiracy.

I will stick to one of my theories until proven otherwise and my theory is the pigmentation of the skin.

When you look at the numbers is Africa

South Africa cases1686 and deaths 12 

Algeria cases1423 with deaths of 173

Egypt cases 1322 with deaths of 85

Morocco cases1120 with deaths of 80

The two most populous countries in Africa

Nigeria cases 238 with deaths 5

Ethiopia cases 44 with deaths 2

Let take a look at the Caribbean

Dominican Republic cases 1828 with death of 86

Cuba cases 350 with death of 9

Dominican Republic bothers Haiti

Haiti cases 24 and 1 death

Haiti and DR have the same population of about 11 million

I also have a second theory but I am doing my layman research lolol

Sun tanning and vitamin D could be a little prescription lolol

04/06/20 11:32 PM #17451    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


I was watching the clip and I personally think those docs must be joking...lolol

I would suggest that they should start the experiment in Europe and start with trio of the ''IFS"  Italy, France and Spain

Italy cases 132,547 deaths 16,523

France cases 98,010 deaths 8,911

Spain cases 136,675 deaths 13,341

About 2 weeks ago I said to a friend of mine name Greg, I said watch they going to find a way to see if Africa can have more cases, we joked about it but some other people wants to see Africa have more cases.

04/06/20 11:59 PM #17452    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


I hope the dust settle soon and Africa catch a break

04/07/20 10:29 AM #17453    


George Nelson (1989)


I still believe numbers don't lie. Very interesting analysis my friend.

04/07/20 10:31 AM #17454    


George Nelson (1989)

Peter P,

Big up yuh self...that article is a wake up call sir.


Great hearing from you....nuff respect boss.

04/07/20 10:39 AM #17455    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


I am agreeing with you about the diets in Northa America 

In North America we going to have a lot of black deaths in comparison to Africa because of diabetes and high blood pressure. In the US, sorry to say but they have  the most unhealthy and obese blacks in the first world countries. They eat a lot of junk and fatty foods and the fatty foods going to clog the arteries. Junk food will definitely contribute to the development of diabetes.

Just imagine clog arteries, high blood pressure and diabetes spell deaths

Dieting and exercising going make a huge difference and as you said it will be the survival of the fittest.

04/07/20 11:29 AM #17456    


Wesley W Wright (1975)


Everyone Thinks They’re Right About Masks
How the coronavirus travels through the air has become one of the most divisive debates in this pandemic.

Is the Coronavirus airborne?  I am beginning to think so.

04/07/20 12:28 PM #17457    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


I am no medical person but imho I personally think coronavirus is airborne, but to what extent.

Some people interpretation of airborne could be different, but I will go with my simpleton interpretation...lolol

If I spit in the wind or outside I think it is airborne, if you don't believe me when you driving open your window and try spitting outside, it either hitting you back in your face or the person behind or in some cases the car behind or the person standing outside or walking by...lolol...If you have this virus, there is a likilihood that the virus will be in that saliva and if you not wearing a mask you get hit by that one of those airborne particles which could hit you on the lips or anywhere else, then there could be a chance you might get it or depending on your immune system.

It is still a mystery how one gets it, let use my PM as an example, his wife got it and no one else in his house got it and I am sure when his wife came back from the UK he great his wife maybe by a kiss or a hug so who knows. I say prevention is better than a cure and if one can prevent it then they should do so.

Make sure you get your vitamin C and D everyday and wear your mask...:)

04/07/20 01:26 PM #17458    


George Nelson (1989)


I will say two things

  1. Lord have mercy
  2. Tan a yuh yard as much as possible.

04/07/20 01:26 PM #17459    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


As you can see I have too much time on my hands in the night time....lolol

Those numbers could change anytime but I am still baffled like everyone else.

So a second I thought the deaths in Italy was trending down but it is still in the 600s

Italy was supposedly one of the first country outside China that was under lockdown but their new cases is still over 3000 daily, at least the new cases are trending down.

The UK is starting to produce the death numbers that Italy and France was doing last couple of weeks.

USA seems like their rate is on steriods which NY is suffering the brunt.

This mutated virus is like a bad dream that we all want to wake from especially if you living in the USA right now.

04/07/20 01:57 PM #17460    


George Nelson (1989)


All I can do is keep my hands on my head and pray.

04/07/20 04:06 PM #17461    


Wesley W Wright (1975)


I like the Corona-conversation. A couple weeks ago I wrote the following in a post:

"With regards to the color preference of this virus, I believe black people in Africa and other countries who are not decendants of slaves have uncompromised immune systems and could possibly put up strong resistance to COVID-19. Black people in North America & the Caribbean who are decendants of slaves have highly messed up immune systems  and are far less likely to resist coronavirus as black people in Africa. Plus the arrid temperatures in those countries could surely shorten the life span of the deadly virus".

The COVID-19 numbers coming out of Chicago are interesting:

1. Blacks (African-Americans) make up 30% of the population

2. 40% of the COVID-19 deaths in Chicago are blacks

The infection rate of COVID-19 appears to be color-blind, but not the mortality rate; that is what the numbers coming out of Chicago is suggesting. Stay tuned.

04/07/20 04:45 PM #17462    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Lots of people have poor diet and complex medicaly ...the diference maker are the resource health disparities ,,,Scary, Africans are not just in Africa...

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