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11/12/19 09:43 AM #16940    


George Nelson (1989)

Good morning forum.

Tday is going to be a beautiful so unuh come pan forum.

11/12/19 09:46 AM #16941    


George Nelson (1989)


Big up yuh self. We are now on the same page with the latest set of prediction dwl....yeah man, I agree with the Clarendon KC final.

11/12/19 11:11 AM #16942    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Peter P,

Did you listen to the TVJ 7 pm news last night?

If you did not, left me quote the IMF regarding the sliding dollar. Jamaicans, instead of complaining about the sliding dollar, you need to buy forward currency contracts.


11/12/19 11:25 AM #16943    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Peter P,

Who is Dalgalish Henry Sr?

Do you blame the Government for the slide of the dollar or do you blame the BOJ governor?

If you don't think it is manipulation by the banks and spot buying, what do you think is the main cause for the dollar sliding?

So you think Byles and Clark methods are flawed, what is your suggestion?

Isn't the sliding dollar good for exporting...:)


11/12/19 11:25 AM #16944    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Yea sliding dollaz good fe one but hardship fe de odda.

I already told you my take and confirmed by both your BOJ and Finance Minister....i wont repeat next time pay attention or u can go back to the archives....

"Do you blame the Government for the slide of the dollar or do you blame the BOJ governor?"

Neither, I blame the flawed methodology and that can be changed.

"Isn't the sliding dollar good for exporting...:)"

Yea ( wink wink ) ask Haiti how thats working out.


"Since Haiti produces very few goods, currency devaluation has a direct and immediate impact on the livelihood of everyday Haitians by increasing the local cost of imported goods. Already struggling, those at the bottom of economy—70% of Haitians—are hurting the worst. However, the economic crisis is severe enough to curtail normal operation of even large businesses"

Ask IMF why newspaper selling machines wont work in Jamaica?

Ansa: Johnny too kool hustler put in the first quarter and 'forward purchase' all ade newspaper dem....den open fe him owna newspaper business pon de next street ova...genius!

U gwaan think canada an jamaica a operate offa same

Bishop, what say u?

11/12/19 01:17 PM #16945    

Peter Parkin (1978)

I guess Christmas does not come every year in December...for restocking? Whats the difference this year Mr Byles?....

Normalcy to return to the market....what does normalcy mean Scary...averaging 118 in 2018 and averaging 130 in not the same 'normalcy' Mr Byles..u sounding like Scary comparing fluctuations as opposed to value...smh.

BOJ sells US$40 million to forex market

Published:Tuesday | November 12, 2019 | 10:38 AM

Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) today sold US$40 million to authorised dealers and cambios to augment supply in the market.

The BOJ says it has noted the public’s concern about the recent depreciation of the local currency but says based on Jamaica’s economic fundamentals, the bank does not expect that the recent pace of exchange rate movement will be sustained.

Further, the central bank says it expects that these impulses will subside and that normalcy will return to the market.

It explains that there has been an increase in demand for foreign currency due to the regular re-stocking by retailers for the Christmas season.

Additionally, it says there has been extraordinary demand relating to portfolio transactions.

Notwithstanding the recent depreciation, the BOJ says inflows into the foreign exchange market remained healthy.

It outlined that for October 2019, average daily inflow from earners was approximately US$31 million, in line with October 2018.

However, driven by the factors noted above, demand has outstripped this supply, the BOJ said.

The central bank says the current account deficit of the balance of payments is expected to remain low and sustainable, albeit slightly higher than the deficit recorded in 2018.

Accounting for the impact of foreign direct investment, inflows will be sufficient to cover this deficit, the BOJ said.

The bank says it remains committed to maintaining orderly conditions in the foreign exchange market and will only intervene to prevent disorderly market conditions.

It says that the bank is advanced in the development of a trading platform for foreign exchange that will introduce greater transparency.

We want to hear from you! Send us a message on WhatsApp at 1-876-499-0169, email us at or 

Scary, here is my reasoning for the movement of the dolla...demand and supply...not supply and demand.

"Additionally, it says there has been ....."extraordinary"....
demand .....relating to portfolio transactions"

Ambitious and properous companies r operating an investing in forin lands, blended families r operating in several currencies, the tax prosperity a gain momentum an woman hav man a forin fe support and man hav women a pickney a forin fe the dynamics of our economy has changed structurally and the fallout...demand increases....

Jamaica Boilers buy grain plant in Georgia ie millions....Proven and other companies r investing in forin ie millions...etc etc

" The Jamaica Broilers Group Limited (JBG) as part of its expansion programme especially in the United States has finalised an asset purchase agreement with Gentry's Poultry Company Inc.

The agreement, which was done through Wincorp Properties, Inc, a subsidiary of the JBG, is for the purchase of a poultry processing plant located in South Carolina, USA."


This cannot b left to market forces the winds r not blowing in our buying is but a drop in the pond....scary.

Case closed ...have a nice day...thank u for being a good sport.

11/12/19 02:25 PM #16946    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Peter P,

It is time you cash out your USD into Ja$ and maintain your billionaire membership..:)

Rich people like you have a way of shaking the tree and encourage nervousness in the market...lolol

You know that the NIR has a surplus but the BOJ Governor not going to dance to the tune of some people and that is the reason why normalcy will return. Manipulation can only be for a period of time.

I hope you know that some people making millions from the gyration of the dollar either way.

There are people who shorted the dollar and now they are captilatizing 



11/12/19 02:55 PM #16947    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Scary, dont mek de ink dry on that fake news u just posted about cashing out and richness...check my last chin, chung, Duncan, stewart etc etc...working from pay check to pay check....i hav no friends in high places...

Yea, the same people making money whether the forex is up or down...may be friends of yours...actually one is a canadian....🙂and dem was rich from i was in primary school...little has changed.

11/13/19 09:19 AM #16948    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Peter P,

The Canadian made a killing because he played the FM and his party at the time.

When NBC shares was $15.00 I forced a Sonian friend of mine to buy some shares and te person ended up made a killing. NCB is still a buy at the level it is at today.

So you telling e that when the dollar was at $118.00 and you sounded the alarm and you did capitalised then...hmmm

11/13/19 10:57 AM #16949    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Scary it started way b4 then for the Canadian...he was born with gold spoon and is only playing monopoly...dont get me started on that one.

Im interested in social engineerimg not money game is upliftment of poor people if they coincide at times so be i didnt take advantage...and wont now bcoz unless your clueless or dishonest serial soundbyters at BOJ an MF get a better method we will b going to 150.00.

Bishop...these your guys r starting to sound like the old guys...thats why I really not into the politics thing....

Scary re the sonian that you advised an he made a good he supporting steths wid 1/2 dat


NCB going big on forward buy contracts for MSMEs amid sliding Jamaican dollar
BOJ working with NCB on its portfolio demands for FX

"They made the point that the market for forward contracts is under-developed, adding that as the market develops NCB will be pushing out new products and services to meet market needs"


One would think that as the EPOC chairman an point financial guru as well as NCB headman that after 2 years of touting this solution they would b further along....smh

More serial soundbytes from BOJ:

"Positing that Jamaica is earning enough foreign exchange to satisfy local demands,

Byles argued that these high portfolio demands by banks for acquisitions, investments and other purposes are creating an 'artificial' shortage of foreign exchange, thus creating a spike in price"

(St8 from horsemoute...u still tink a spot buying cause fe dolla fe a du high jump, mr. scary??

It so artificial that BOJ had a fire sales of 40m usd....good ting it art-t-facial....if it wasnt wi wooda fanney...too many soundbyters in position of power.

11/13/19 01:07 PM #16950    


George Nelson (1989)

Scary and Peter P,

Big up unuh selves.....this yah argument too trang fi mi get into it.

I connot understand our politicians, I heard Peter Phillips calling on the government to do something about the sliding of the Jamaican $ because they would not allow it to happen if they were in government. Politix, politix, politix.....the current government made a similar call when they were in opposition.

11/13/19 02:30 PM #16951    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


Peter Phillips has no shame. Peter Phillips should be the last person talking about the sliding dollar.

If I could recall about 4 yrs ago Peter Phillips did not have problem with the sliding dollar.

Furhtermore should the BOJ operates independently

Politicians are all the same my friend.


11/13/19 02:41 PM #16952    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Peter P

The Sonian that I advised bought themself an investment property. 

The person actually do support STETHS at times.

I am sure some of the old bloggers on this site would tell you that I always share information.

A few years back I suggested a few stocks on this forum and they all triple, quadruple and more. 

Pawsta, Bishop, Wesley and others would tell you that I am not a selfish person. I maybe a trouble maker or at times controversial but not selfish.

My tip of the day....Sagicor will be my darling in a year or two...Get in on the IPO guys

11/13/19 03:07 PM #16953    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Peter P,

You keep talking about soundbytes, but somme people are listening to the soundbytes and making money from the soundbytes.

I can't rememmber if it was you are the Slogan did asked the question about the sliding/gyrating dollar about a year or two ago and what the manufacturers should do and my position then is the same one as today about forward contracts.

The big question is, why would a bank going big on forward buy contracts? Does the bank know something that the little business man don't know? Yesterday one of my Underwriter said to me, Donovan follow the money. I a going to say the same, people follow the money...lolol

I will have to agree with you that I am shaking my head too that after 2 yrs they are not further a head or it is that the house never loses and the bank is the house...lolol

Will the dollar hits $150.00 before the year ends, that is a great possibilty because some strong and heavy hands are shaking the tree and shorting and getting richer...:)

Artificial shortage are some interesting words...mhnnnn...Those are some fancy and creative terms and I have to say that is a professional term for manipulation if you are thinking outside the box. The BOJ have enough USD to slow down the sliding and they will let the shorters get burn when they want to so watch the cat and mouse game.

So let me start thinking outside the box now and start thinking that those high portfolio demads by bank for acquistitions are spot buying instead of forward contracts and those foreign exchange is needed for raw material for manufacturers and not for importing for food...lolol...Businesses are booming...lolol...Don't tell that to Pawsta

11/13/19 03:17 PM #16954    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Wesley / Bishop

What going to happen today in the Ben Francis games?

11/13/19 03:24 PM #16955    


Wesley W Wright (1975)


DCup Semifinals today:

Unless something out of the ordinary happens today, Clarendon and Cornwall should emerge winners. If there is an upset I believe it will be Dinthill surprising Cornwall.

The Ben Francis semifinals will be tomorrow.

I am not sure which STETHS will be playing. The Sonians are definitely better than Garvey Maceo but scoring goals this year is a big challenge for them.

Manchester may win the Ben Francis this year. 

11/13/19 03:45 PM #16956    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


Thanks Wesley, what would I do without you and Bishop's updates. 

I keep thinking today was the Ben Francis game. I guess I lost track after we were out of the Dcup...lolol

11/13/19 08:04 PM #16957    


Wesley W Wright (1975)

It will be Clarendon and Dinthill in the DCup final.  I had a feeling Dinthill was going to win as I hinted in my earlier post.

11/14/19 09:33 AM #16958    


Wesley W Wright (1975)

Howdy everybody:

How yuh all doing?

The first day of President Trump's public impeachment inquiry is in the books and what a day it was? If Donald Trump gets away with what he did, democracy in the USA will be dead!

Dinthill ambushed Cornwall yesterday to earn a spot in the DCup final with big favorites Clarendon. This Dinthill team are real fighters.

Last night's Jeopardy was a real treat for me. I was answering more than 60% of the questions correctly before Final Jeopardy.

The category for Final Jeopardy was  Italian Inventors

Before I heard the question shown below I told my wife that the answer will come from one of the following:  Marconi, da Vinci, Volta, or Torricelli.

In a 1644 letter he wrote, “We live submerged at the bottom of an ocean of air”, which is what his invention measures

Correct response: Who is Evangelista Torricelli?

When I heard the question I had the answer in less than five seconds thanks the the valuable knowledge I gained at STETHS.

My Physics teachers at STETHS; Mrs Peart (3rd Form) & Mr Varghese (4th Form) taught me lessons & knowledge that I still remember today. This statement is true for all my teachers at STETHS especially for my last two years.

God's willing I will be trying out for Jeopardy (and Wheel of Fortune) in the not too distant future.

11/14/19 10:57 AM #16959    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


I would love to see you on Jeopardy

11/14/19 03:45 PM #16960    


Wesley W Wright (1975)

BB Coke has advanced to the Ben Francis final.  I have a feeling they will be facing STETHS if the real STETHS take the field today.




11/14/19 04:20 PM #16961    


George Nelson (1989)


Garvey score very early in the game. The game was stopped just before half time with a little lightning and a lot of rain, chances are they might have to continue this game tomorrow. STETHS is really coming into their own as the game goes on, what might work against us is that we will have to start this momentum all over again.

Gavery Maceo is leading STETHS 1 - 0

11/15/19 11:47 AM #16962    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Peter P,

The BOJ bringing christmas early...:)

11/15/19 02:49 PM #16963    

Paul King (1985)


The US$ giving me extra weight, I most made over $$$$$$$$$, it sweet me.


You know I am fair and balance, Peter should never say that unless he has proof

11/18/19 04:32 PM #16964    


George Nelson (1989)

Once Pastor King is on forum I know he is ok.

Hoooody everybody.

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