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01/14/19 08:53 AM #16125    


George Nelson (1989)

Today is going to be a beautiful day pan forum.

01/14/19 09:01 AM #16126    


George Nelson (1989)

Unuh know sah JLo a real goat mouth......see deh, dem a investigate Face boss. JLo please don't come pan di forum and say anything bout di man cause it will happen dwl.

Mi bare Face was not a good weekend fi yuh at all......Spurs shouldda win wid so much chances weh dem mek slip through dem finga and then dem a investigate yuh boss, how yuh sleep last night?

01/14/19 09:28 AM #16127    


Radcliffe Walters (1984)

Scary , 

Looks like you were right . Man U is now looking like they will be in the top 4 , Arsenal not looking so good . Change of management seems to be working at Man U 

01/14/19 09:35 AM #16128    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


I watched the game yesterday and for Spurs to beat that Man U goalie yesterday they would have to knock him out.

Man U looks like they are on a mission they are now on 41 points tied with Soldgie Arsenal for 5th place. If City wins today then they are back in the fight with your Liverpool for first place.

01/14/19 09:55 AM #16129    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


Manu U looking like momentum and luck is on their side. Rashford and Pogba looking very inform and their schedule for the next 4 games looks easy even though in the EPL any middle to bottom team can beat the top teams. Their toughest EPL game won't be until Feb 24th against Liverpool. I believe that Man U goal is to finish in the top 4 because the championship is out of reach with Liverpool and City about 16 points 

Next Friday they are playing your Arsenal in the FA cup so let see how they look against another top 5 team.

The players are very happy with Solskjaer and I think if he continues to win Man U will have no other choice but to give him the job permanently. When you can pick any player from the team and ask them what happen in the last 5 games and if everyone alluded to new manager then you know that Mourhino had to go. I did said before the season that he would be the first manager to get fired.

I hope they don't transfer Pogba because he is jelling with Rashford adn Martial. What Man U needs is good tall big centre back.

01/14/19 10:15 AM #16130    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


It looks like death by crashes is still out of control even with the new traffic laws. We really needs a culture change when it comes to discipline in almost every area.

What is the difference between Curfew and SOE? I know that Curfew does not need Parliament approval but SOE does. Which one cost the Government more money? Which one is more effective?

01/15/19 09:09 AM #16131    


George Nelson (1989)


I just get the chance fi ansa yuh question....I had a family emergency that took me away from the forum.

With the SOE there are certain laws that applies that is not done under normal policing conditions. SOE can run for ex amount of days (60) without extension while curfew can't go beyond certain hours for example 48 hours. Curfew is like putting things on hold until the real problem can be identified while SOE can refered to as the means to get to the root of the problem.

01/15/19 09:31 AM #16132    


George Nelson (1989)

When the opposition put an end to the SOE the criminals must have taken a deep breath. Curfew cannot and will not have the same effect as SOE, it is not true. People can sue the government under curfew, with a good lawyer in our weak justice system almost all the criminals will get away if detain, if held without something concrete to charge them they can sue....SOE was the only means to hold them until they could put a case file together. It is touch and go when you have to balance it with a person's human rights etc but we know some of those who were detained were not angels but the witnesses feared for their lives. Nobody nah talk, it needed more than 48 hours to put a case together. Another golden oppertrunity missed, if NIDS was in place all the data collected could have matched and link some of those detained to other crimes and hence they would have been charged. Their finger print would have been in the national data base to match for future crime scenes. I am sorry but Peter Phillips play politix with this one at the expence of the safety of our people....remember, it took Jamaica almost 40 years to get where we are, this crime problem will not be solved in 40 days. They need to set up a crime oversight committee like the one we have for the economy (EPOC) both PNP and JLP nominating people to serve, crime should not remain a political football.

01/15/19 09:48 AM #16133    


Wesley W Wright (1975)

Good morning Sonians; How is everybody doing today?

I hope everyone is doing well in the New Year so far; Stateside I hope many of us are not affected by the partial Forrest Trump shutdown.

The first month of 2019 is almost halfway and I am eager to see what we can do for STETHS this year. I am personally involved in one on-going project and I hope to get involved in others. I want this year to be my most giving year to/for STETHS. The new US federal tax laws will make it more beneficial for me to give my charitable contributions to STETHS than the ones I have been giving to over the years.

As others have said I want the STETHS Foundation to become a reality before I retire, which means that there is only a short time for this to happen. I am hoping that the critical stakeholders/administrators at the school will pull out all the stops and get everybody onboard to make the STETHS Foundation a reality in 2019. It will not take a lot of money from any one person if all of us here contribute a small amount and invite others to do the same.

It is full time to put our Alma Mater above our ego and other personal feelings. Please, please can we all just get along and let bygones be bygones!

01/15/19 10:11 AM #16134    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Bishop Nelson:
"if NIDS was in place all the data collected could have matched and link some of those detained to other crimes and hence they would have been charged"

I am puzzled why any enlighten blackman/woman would advocate for 'electronic branding' especially if we know what branding meant during slavery.

Finger print should be standard...electronic branding is a whole different ball game.

Pastor u r talking politrix....separate u church from u

01/15/19 11:51 AM #16135    


George Nelson (1989)

Peter P,

Big up your self.....I think you got it wrong this time. I am not talking politrix at all, I am just expressing my ususal self. I call it or speak it as I see it. I don't believe NIDS is bad for Jamaica, I would rather say far more good than bad.

01/15/19 11:54 AM #16136    


George Nelson (1989)

I don't believe in church and state, I believe it has been and will continue be a tool of the Devil.....history has already proven that, we are on the same page more than you think.

01/15/19 12:52 PM #16137    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Bishop Nelson:

"I don't believe NIDS is bad for Jamaica, I would rather say far more good than bad"

How about 'branding' during slavery.

Do u support that concept too?

Coz the concept is similar, the electronic version is just present day method of branding....careful wey u support Bishop.....

Yes, we often agree but not on the NIDS electronic people tagging and tracking system...

01/15/19 01:05 PM #16138    


George Nelson (1989)

How about 'branding' during slavery.

Do u support that concept too?

Coz the concept is similar, the electronic version is just present day method of branding....careful wey u support Bishop.....

Peter P,

I don't believe they are the same. I condem salvery in every form.

01/16/19 09:37 AM #16139    


George Nelson (1989)

Good morning forum.

01/16/19 10:09 AM #16140    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Peter P,

NIDS you think is electronic branding? I am actually surprised by your "terminology" for NIDS.

If a visitors, student etc from Jamaica wants to come to Canada to visit/study/work, do you know one of the requirement?

They have to do a biometric screening. You doing that biometrics does not even guarantee you a visa, but 1/2 of the nation would give without hesitation if granted that opportunity. 

Do you think that requirement by Canada is modern day slavery?


01/16/19 10:28 AM #16141    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


I have to agree with you re posting #16138

I personally think Peter P is going to the extreme corelating NIDS to 'branding' during slavery.

I could start thinking outside the box and agree with Peter P with the basic definition of the word "branding" and agree with him in terms of tracking. I would ask Peter P when he applied for visa to go to the US if he had to provide a finger print for his passport and also to give a medical which including a blood text. I am sure he was giving a green card at first with a  SIN (Canadian term for Social Insurance Number) I don't know the name in the US but I would consider those as "branding" or tracking tools.

I wonder if Peter P has a cellphone because owning an android cellphone these days could be consider as "branding" because it tracks you where ever you go even on airplane mode.

Well Mr Parkin does not believe NIDS is bad for Jamaica and I will have to agree with Mr Parkin.

I have not seen or given any good reason yet why NIDS would not be good for Jamaica. I personally think it will be the best thing since money invented...lolol

01/16/19 10:44 AM #16142    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


What is really stopping this STETHS Development Foundation (SDF) from getting off the ground?

I keep hearing about egos and egos and I pesonally think a good heart is more powerful than any ego.

Are the egos the ones standing guards or the gate keepers?

If a group of alumus wants to come together and willingly wants to give back to their Alma Mater no one or no ego should prevent them from doing so because if there is a will there will be a way. I am sure there are more than one way to skin a cat.

Wesley I know you are a visionary and we will get there and for any journey to begin someone has to start the first step and I mean physically starts the first step and you will be surprise to see how many supporters.

01/16/19 10:55 AM #16143    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Scary, ? does your Canadian govt require mandatory biometric tagging of all its citizens?

The difference with the Visa application scenario....those are voluntary activities base on some personal objective..
NIDS is not voluntary.

Do you want a govt who cant fix road and keep water in citizens pipe simultaneously have total access and custody of your biometrics?

...that to me is private property...sorry NIDS is unnecessary and compromises the individual in the process.

The term 'branding' is extreme but that's how I see NIDS.


Letter of the Day | NIDS in limbo
Published:Tuesday | January 15, 2019 | 12:00 AM

A few days ago, the head of the National Identification System (NIDS) had a conference on e-government, based on the example of Estonia, the world's most advance digital country. She painted the very compelling scenario of a digital Jamaica, where we would soon have e-health, e-policing and i-voting. A digital paradise!

NIDS has been in the news for several months, and not always positively. In October, the Opposition challenged the legal framework of the project in the Supreme Court, claiming it contains several constitutional violations to the rights of the Jamaicans. The court will render its decision in a few months. If it rules in favour of the Opposition's claim, the whole project will be in jeopardy.

In the meantime, the Government received offers from three foreign companies: two French and one Japanese. The French companies have some very serious issues.

One of them is part of a list of firms sanctioned by the World Bank and, therefore, not able to compete for the NIDS project. Why, one wonders, did the Jamaican Government accept their proposal in the first place? Why didn't the IDB say anything, since they are supposed to oversee the process?

The other French company is also in deep and turbulent waters. In September, it was sued by none other than the Estonian government (how ironic!) for a whopping US$170 million (almost six times the NIDS budget). Estonia, the most advanced e-government in the world, stated that for several years, the company secretly and deliberately violated security clauses in their contract to provide e-cards, putting the identity of citizens at risk. They also claim that the company found out about a serious security flaw in the chips of the card and didn't notify the government for several months.

This same company, believe it or not, was banned two months ago in India by the largest ID project in the world (Aadhaar) because of security concerns, after they published an erroneous security report claiming the identity of 1.2 billion Indians had been breached. This terrible blunder prompted a very public apology in the Indian newspapers.

Should they award it to a company sanctioned by the World Bank? Or to a firm banned by the largest identification programme in the world and sued by Estonia, Jamaica's role model for a secure e-government?

The future of the NIDS project is uncertain.


Kingston, Jamaica

01/16/19 04:03 PM #16144    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)

Peter P,

I would say no that Canada does not have biometric "tagging" directly for existing citizens but indirectly they do and for every new immigrant they do have biometric "tagging". They maybe not blatant and public as the Jamaican Goverment but they do. So in short it is mandotary for all new Canadian immigrant. Let take health care here in Canada which is free for every citizen, permanent residence and refugee, we all have to have a health card with a number and a picture. They are also talking about linking your passport, citizenship card, health card and driver's license as one card, I would consider that as "tagging".

For a country like Jamaica that is crime ridden and a very low rate of conviction for murderers and other major crime I think NIDS is a vital tool. We cause it upon ourselves why we need NIDS. You have culture of see and blind and hear and deaf for crimes does not help.

You mentioned Estonia but if you can recalled they decides to go digital to make life simplier for the citizens.

The Letter of the day / NIDS in limbo still have not given me any solid proof that NIDS would not be a great thing, what it actually did gave to me that Jamaica should learn from the glitches and to avoid mistakes. The reason why an employer interview a person for the job is to see if they are qualified and if they will able to do the job. The author of the article spoke of 3 companies that would  not be suited but what about the other companies that they have vetted that would do a good job. I am sure there will be glitches through trial and errors but they will be fixed.

The author mentioned that $170M lawsuit filed against Gemalto , but it is only a lawsuit, no judgement or settlement. Remember every network can be hacked or breach.

Who is funding the NIDS project?

In the article the person mentioned Estonia which is supposedly one of the most advanced e-government in the world. I wonder how effective their NIDS considering they are mostly paperless and when the Government decided to go paperless it was to make life simplier for the citizens.

I believe that the NIDS will make the Government more efficient and I gaurantee that crime will cut by 50% after a year of fully implemented.

01/16/19 05:05 PM #16145    


George Nelson (1989)

Scary/Peter P,

Very interesting discussion. Let us keep it going.

01/17/19 02:37 PM #16146    


George Nelson (1989)

So weh everybody deh?

01/17/19 03:51 PM #16147    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


I am still here my friend....lolol

01/18/19 10:50 AM #16148    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


What do you think about this article?

Tax revenues moving up, despite increased threshold — Clarke

01/18/19 12:50 PM #16149    


George Nelson (1989)


That is not very hard to understand......things will be even better if the government continue to improve the conditions for people to pay their taxes.


Every day Face boss is been pushed closer and closer into a look like him soon run out of options.

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