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08/21/19 07:07 PM #16813    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Scary, not sure what point you r tryn to make...but just in case it has to do with the evidence screen Gary W. ... only validates my statement more...r u sayn my assertions r not valid?

08/21/19 09:32 PM #16814    


George Nelson (1989)

Good to have you back Peter P.

08/22/19 09:11 AM #16815    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Irie Bishop....busy, but I pop in now and again.

What u think about Gary lookn kinda clownish on this one...he may b taking one for the team...otherwise its not good optics...

08/22/19 12:55 PM #16816    


Radcliffe Walters (1984)


 Police Officer Welsh dont have not even J$1.50 worth of sense in his head . As for the driver, he is now a hero , he will probably get a medal on hero's day. 

08/28/19 10:20 PM #16817    


George Nelson (1989)

ACP Welsh sound like he was smoking some weed and his brain can't deal with it. The Stethsonian put both feet into his mouth.

08/29/19 11:26 AM #16818    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Bishop, u mean Rev. Welsh a 'inhale'...betta if u sey im was using medical marijuana for therapy treatment a d the dose too 'HIGH'....

Anyway, as a stethsman we shud encourage him...coz right now it nuh look rosy....

08/29/19 07:58 PM #16819    


George Nelson (1989)

Peter P,

The bishop allowed self to mislead him....I pray he will rewind and return a better ACP in a new assignment. I am still on vacation, I am just taking a little peep.


08/29/19 08:00 PM #16820    


George Nelson (1989)

I am praying for everybody in the Florida look like some strong breeze is coming your way.

09/02/19 02:12 PM #16821    


Donovan "Scary" Walker (1983)


Performance doesn't win elections, JLP ...promises do


09/03/19 05:06 PM #16822    


Wesley W Wright (1975)

Howdy Everybody:

How is everthing going?  I am just returning from a very busy vacation; two weeks of short trips all over the place. I took a few glances at the Fourm but did not get the urge to post anything.

Everything is everthing with me; Hurricane Dorian spared some and devastated others and the worst may be yet to come. I hope Dorian fizzles out in the Atlantic without doing anymore damage.

I hope all the Sonians in the South East areas of the US take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families.

Everybody tek care; Big up yuself George.

09/04/19 11:32 AM #16823    


Wesley W Wright (1975)

Howdy Sonians:

How you all doing?

Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc on the Bahamas as if it was sent to destroy the island chain. At this point we are not sure where Dorian is heading. She is weakening but we cannot let our guards down at this point.

I am sure you have all heard about President Trump’s suggested solution to stop or neutralize hurricanes; drop a nuclear device into the eye! I am sure the President was not seriously thinking about doing this.

But there was another man in Florida who suggested that the military drop tons of ice into the eye of a hurricane to cut off the warm water that acts as the fuel for hurricanes.

This idea is also a far-fetched one, but has more merits than the one suggested by President Trump. But how much ice would be required to cool the eye of a hurricane and the associated cost? The lowest water temperature that will aid the formation of hurricanes is 26.5 degrees Celsius (or 79.7 degrees Fahrenheit).  Could the ice be made in place? By a submarine?

I found this article that made some suggestions on how hurricanes could be tamed. With climate change and the increasing cost of hurricane destruction, research in this area may takeoff soon.

No, you can’t just nuke a hurricane. But there are other options.

Scientists are looking into ways to weaken hurricanes to limit their destruction.

09/09/19 11:04 AM #16824    


George Nelson (1989)

I am back....four weeks of vacation.....I could use another week or two dwl.

09/09/19 11:05 AM #16825    


George Nelson (1989)

Wesley and company big up unuh selves.

09/09/19 11:32 AM #16826    


Donovan Wilson (1980)

Good morning forumites!

It has been a while, but I have been observing the happenings!

Today, I want to formally announce that we will be honoring two persons at our 23rd Anniersary Dinner-Dance;

Mr Junior Bennett

Mr. Darwin O'Meally

JB needs no introduction.  Darwin has done more at STETHS alumni events than many STETHSans.  Please come out and support their two men who have lived the motto of Work and Integrity.

Donovan Wilson

STETHS Alumni Association USA Inc President

09/09/19 02:23 PM #16827    


Wesley W Wright (1975)

Howdy everybody:

How yuh all doing?

Welcome back George. The place feels like an abandoned church without you! I was on vacation during the last two weeks in August. Lots of stuff going on all over the world: the aftermarth of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and the US East Coast, Disrupter in Chief Trump continues to lie and violate the constitution, and Putin continues flex his muscles in Eastern Europe and in the Artic Circle.

The US Congress comes back from their Summer Break this week and the "I" the word I believe will be tossed around more than ever. It will be interesting to see if the US Senate takes up any of the gun legislation bills already passed by the House.

And finally Peter P defeated Peter B to remain Leader of the PNP. Looks like Phillips and all his delegates all just looked at Bunting and say "nice try Boss, nice try". Now with this race over what next? How will Phillips winning the leadership race affect the ongoing problems in Jamaica? Can you teach an old dog new tricks? We will see!   

09/09/19 06:40 PM #16828    


George Nelson (1989)


Another good report sir.

Super Don,

Big up yuh self.


Weh yuh deh?

Andrew can sleep well now, he should be very happy Peter #2 was not the winner. It was a brusing challenge, it was not a clear cut mandate for Phillips, he must now work very hard to unite what is now a divided PNP. Peter Phillips must pull up his socks and improve on his PR, and communication skills.

09/10/19 11:26 AM #16829    


George Nelson (1989)

Good morning forum.....weh everybody deh?

I have some friends here in Clarendon....they are very bitter from the leadership race....they say they are not going to vote for 1st Peter. The leader must move fast to unite the party or else it will be a free ticket to Jamaica House again for Andrew Holness.

09/12/19 09:53 AM #16830    


Wesley W Wright (1975)

Howdy everybody?

How yuh all doing?

Welcome back George.

The Schoolboy football season is again in full swing. It will be interesting to see how the big guns in the DCup start off. Defending Champions CC started off their season with a 1-1 draw. The Soniand are off to a winning start witha 1-0 win over Maggotty. After a few more games I will be looking for a few up and coming schools  who could reach the quarterfinals

The Reggae Boyz are doing well too; I hope they keep on winning.

Today I will be spending the afternoon at a company event; I will be the Sound Manager. Rain is in the forecast but we are hoping for the best.    

09/12/19 10:46 AM #16831    


George Nelson (1989)

Good morning forum.


Big up yuh self.

09/12/19 05:42 PM #16832    

Peter Parkin (1978)


STETHS Alum 76 David Luggy Farqurson is the Asst Coach at Manchester High.

09/13/19 10:07 AM #16833    


George Nelson (1989)

Peter P,

Big up yuh self.....thanks for the info.

09/16/19 04:03 PM #16834    


George Nelson (1989)

Good day forum.

After drawing with "Menro" on Saturday I was expecting a little discussion on the forum today. We are just juinx in this derby, always a battle royal.

09/17/19 01:21 PM #16835    

Peter Parkin (1978)

Yes, Bishop Luggy/Reynolds combination could be a game changer going forward for Chester.

STETHS football game discussion....well this could really take off if we had someone affiliated with the program to provide info and updates....but I am not hopeful as this request has been made every year for at least the last 5 years with no success. We not ready to recognise that one hand represents the school/program and the other hand represents the past student/alumni community. Try washing or clapping and one soon will realize the difficulty....nuff said...i will await the next request....

09/17/19 03:56 PM #16836    


George Nelson (1989)

Peter P,

You a mark hard but I can't say I don't agree with you.

09/19/19 10:01 AM #16837    


George Nelson (1989)

Today is going to be a great day fi everybody come pan forum. Come on guys, unuh wake up.

Big up yuh self Wesley.


Mi send unuh direction vie whatsapp, hope unuh lost ha ha haa.

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