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MentorIn Program

MentorIn. An Initiative by St. Elizabeth Technical High School Alumni

Mission Statement.

MentorIn is a program designed to provide a medium for students and recent alumni to reach out to a group of adults for guidance via group sessions, a hotline, and a WhatsApp group as well as social media.  The MentorIn program will begin with St. Elizabeth Technical High School track athletes and gradually expand to students from the entire student population. It will start with a group of ten (10) students and expand to others as the program develops.

Guidelines for Adult Leaders.


  • Have an enthusiastic and positive attitude about giving back and peer mentoring

  • Strive to develop and demonstrate a sense of hope through academic pursuits and personal development.

  • Be willing to share your personal story in order to inspire hope


  • Create a safe space for trust and personal expressions.

  • Connect students to resources.

  • Be honest and responsible during communication with students.


  • Students are motivated and inspired to strive for excellence

  • Students will get connected to educators, coaches, and industry professionals

  • Students will demonstrate consistent improvement in academic, personal, and professional lives.

MentorIn….Listening is Key

Proposed launch steps

  • Invitation to the initial group of mentors
  • Training sessions for the selected mentors
  • Engaging the first batch of students

·Working through a program called MentonIn 10

Week 1 – 3   Positive Me

Week 4 – 6  Relating to Others

Week 7 – 8  Facing Challenges

Week 9 – 10  The New Me

Wrap up 

(end of week 10)  The Rest of Our Lives

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